Every little bit makes a difference and keeps us going.

Every dollar counts and your donations make all the difference in our ability to care for our cats and kittens day-in and day-out. We are fortunate that many larger corporations also have this heart for giving and have figured out how to help small rescues through individuals, like you, simply signing-up for their services or selecting a non-profit to receive a percentage of their purchases. Please check out "other ways you can give to Kittyland..." to find out how you can help.

Donate through our site

Other ways you can give to Kittyland...

  • Amazon Smile - Name Kittyland as your non-profit on Amazon Smile and Amazon will give a percentage of everything you buy to Kittyland.

  • Cars2Charities.com - No longer need a car you have and don't want to go through the process of selling it? Just donate it through Cars2Charities.com.

  • Chewy.com - Hello fellow Kittyland supporter! Place your first order with Chewy.com and they will proudly donate $20 to Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue!

  • Shop through iGive - You Shop. Your Charity Gets Money. For Free.

  • Shop through Ralphs - Ralphs gives back when you shop.

Become One of Our Monthly Contributors

Monthly donations are so important to our day-in-day-out needs. Any amount is helpful and makes all the difference. Here are some of the expenses we are faced with daily for the care of our cats and kittens....

  • $75 for one spay or neuter with a FVRCP vaccine

  • $15 rabies vaccine for one older cat

  • $25 for one Felv/FIV test

  • $4 for each microchip

  • 400 pounds of litter per week at $7 for one bag

  • $32 for a large 25 pound bag of dry cat food for almost one week

  • Approximately $40 each week for wet food for cats & kittens

  • We have big vet bills every month, with our medical fund in constant flux with each day. Please consider becoming one of our monthly contributors.

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“Your donations keep us going and make all the difference. ”
— Ann Woods, President

Other ways to help...


Estate Planning

If you are considering adding a non-profit organization that aligns with your end of life wishes, please think of us for your will or living trust. Please contact us with any questions.


Become a Sponsor

Unable to adopt a cat or kitten today? Become a sponsor in helping us to find that perfect home for each and every cat and kitten. Become a sponsor today! 

Become a Sponsor


Do you have some spare time? Time spent with our cats and at fundraising events help us to keep everything moving forward. Become a volunteer today!



The greatest thing we can do for our cats and kittens is find a forever home. If you are looking for a new feline friend, please consider adopting from Kittyland.