Welcome to Kittyland Cat & Kitten Rescue!

Kittyland is a volunteer based, 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to rescuing abandoned and neglected cats. We are a sanctuary where kittens and cats are nurtured with compassion in a safe environment, and where senior, disabled and unwanted cats are valued and can live out their lives in dignity and peace.  


Two Generous Donors Have Offered a Matching Funds Donation to Help Kittyland Get to $10,000 by Dec. 31, 2017

Help us to make $5,000 become $10,000 before the end of the year.

We are so fortunate at Kittyland Cat & Kitten Rescue! We have two donors who have stepped forward to offer a matching funds donation of $5000. We need your help to make this $5000 become $10,000 before the end of the year. Every time you donate to Kittyland, make a purchase at our garage sale or participate in our Holiday Fundraiser, these funds go towards this $5000 matching funds.  Your year end tax deductible contributions to Kittyland will help us reach this goal. Every dollar makes a difference!

Joe Galli KESQ is interviewing Ann Woods & Jeannette Patocskai from Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue ahead of Giving Tuesday! Don’t forget about our fundraiser on December 9th from 11-2 at Ice Cream & Shoppe!

Posted by Alexandra Pierce on Monday, November 27, 2017
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Our Story

Kittyland was born, not only out of a need, but a necessity at the current Desert Hot Springs location. There has been an Animal Shelter on the Kittyland property for the last 33 years. Due to a zoning change from Riverside County it was discovered that there were too many animals on the property as it is now zoned as Residential.  The Kittyland property consists of 2 and one half acres with only one direct neighbor, who is very friendly towards us.  The dogs went off to another shelter and the cats were left with nowhere to go. At this point their future was uncertain and their lives in jeopardy so Riverside Animal Services put all the cats into their protective custody to make sure that they would not be moved, and that their lives would be safe. During this time, we negotiated for ownership of the land and when that was acquired, Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue was born.  Find out more...


How you can help.

Kittyland receives it's funding from donations, grants and fundraising activities. Our supporters are people just like you, people who care about the homeless cats in the Coachella Valley and want to make a difference in their lives. With your help, we can make a difference for these cats and kittens.



Our goal is to find a loving home for every cat in need. Please visit Kittyland or our cats at PetSmart in Palm Springs to consider adding a new furry friend to your family.

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Become a Sponsor

Not everyone can adopt a cat or kitten, but anyone can sponsor one. Every dollar you donate as one of our cats sponsors goes towards their continued care, vet needs, food, litter and anything they need.

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Please Donate

Every dollar makes a difference to our program, our cats and kittens, and continued development of our property. Choose how and where you'd like your money to go.

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 Anytime you can offer to help hold, pet, and brush our cats and kittens, the more social they will be and their chances of adoption improve dramatically. Please consider volunteering.

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Please share our mission, our website, any social media, upcoming events, and our story with friends and family. The more that know about us, the more we can help.

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Estate Planning

If you are considering adding a non-profit organization that aligns with your end of life wishes, please think of us for your will or living trust. 

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Spay & Neuter = Making a Difference

By spaying and neutering just one male and one female cat, more than 2,000 unwanted births can be prevented in just four years ... more than TWO MILLION in eight years!


Outside of our love for these beautiful creatures, there is a essential need to help control the populations through spay and neutering programs for all cats, feral and domesticated. Few understand the impact of not spaying one female and not neutering just one male cat, how it can increase local cat populations, and how easily it can spin out of control in a short time. Please share the need to spay and neuter.

The details....

The offspring of a single un-spayed cat will, within five years, add up to 420,000 cats.

  • The average mature cat can have 3 litters with a total of 12 kittens per year; 10.2 surviving kittens of which 4.7 are female.
  • The average litter size is 4 kittens with 15% loss before reaching weaning age (3.4 kittens per litter).
  • Gender ratio per litter averages of males to females is roughly 46.5% female (of 3.4 kittens = 1.8 males and 1.6 females).
  • 35% spay ratio allowance for offspring (unscientific factor balancing owned and stray cats).
  • 20% annual mortality ratio.

Not factored into this equation:

An immature cat's first litter usually consists of 2 kittens versus 4.
Un-spayed female cats can begin reproducing at 6 months of age and can produce a litter during the same year of birth.
30% feral mortality.