Adult Cats with Special Needs

Some of the older cats land in our care have special medical needs to be considered before adopting. Here are a few of our cats that have specific needs. If you have the right home, a big heart and patience, one of these cats may be your perfect match. Please send us an email if you have an interest in any of these wonderful cats,

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Coco & Chanel

Chanel is a female Siamese Himalayan mix. Will look up her approx. age. She is FIV positive and came to us pregnant, she only had one kitten, CoCo who, unfortunately is also FIV positive. It is now considered ok for FIV cats spayed and neutered and up to date on vaccines to live with other cats in the house hold. These cats are not sick, just carry the virus. I tell people it is like Magic Johnson. It is wise to keep these cats up to date with vaccines so that they do not fall sick from common cat illnesses.

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Gracie's special needs are very simple, she needs a quiet home with adults and no dogs. She was born with a lower disc out of place
and because of this she walks close to the ground. If picked up she should be picked up with the whole of her body weight in your arms.
She can jump, play and do all the things a cat can do, if possible the occasional visit to chiropractor would help. When we took her it
cost $50 , we felt affordable.

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Greyson is our new boy and such a sweet cat, 3 years old but also FIV positive. He was rescued by a good Samaritan and taken to
a hospital serviced by one of our Board members. He fell in love with Greyson and requested we bring him in and try and get him a home.

He was completely given a bill of health including a dental before he left the hospital and it is only his positive test that is holding him
back from adoption. We really hope there is a home for him out there somewhere.

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