Available Kittens

Our kittens come in year round, but mainly during the spring and summer when "kitten season" is at its highest.  When the kittens are ready to be adopted, they will be available at Palm Springs PetSmart.

Kitten Cam (coming soon)

Are you ready for a kitten?

There is a lot to think about before getting a cat to share your life and home. It’s important you take the time to carefully consider whether a cat is right for you. Too many cats end up at shelters each year because people weren’t really ready to take on this responsibility. Think about how your life will change... try to be realistic about your expectations. If you decide that you are truly ready, please consider adopting one of our cats or kittens. You will be saving a life.

Not able to adopt right now? Become a sponsor.

Become a Sponsor to our kittens. Every dollar you donate goes towards the continued care, vet needs, kitten milk (KMR), food, litter and anything else the kittens may needs while they are with us, until they find their forever home. Every dollar makes a difference. Please become a sponsor today! 

Sponsor Our Kittens