Kitten Tips

  1. Never let them outside!  They are small and squirmy and there are predators everywhere.
  2. No declawing.  It is mutilation and painful and horrid for the cat or kitten.  We will teach you to trim their nails and help you if you need help.
  3. Buy or make (many good ideas on the Internet) a scratching post, pad or pole.  There are flat cardboard scratching pads at PetSmart as well as poles with sisal wrapped around them.  They won’t scratch on your couch if they have someplace of their own to scratch and you show them how to use it.  They need to “scratch” to stretch their backs and to clean their claws.  It is not naughty behavior.  They just need to be shown where it is OK to scratch!
  4. Keep the toilet lid down!  A baby kitten can fall in and drown.
  5. Do not give a cat or a kitten a bath.  They clean themselves and if they have had surgery (spay or neuter), bathing will risk infection.
  6. Introduce the litter box.  Put the kitten in it and make little digging motions.  They will quickly get the idea.
  7. They LOVE cardboard boxes.  Make sure they can get in and out easily but clean cardboard boxes are a wonderful toy.
  8. Feed kitten food.  Almost all brands have food marked for kittens.  It has more of what a growing baby needs to have strong bones, teeth and muscles.  At a year (12 months), switch to adult cat food.
  9. Have a bowl of fresh water for your kitten.  Keep it clean and fresh.  They need water every day and can develop kidney issues without it.  Do not feed kittens cow milk.
  10. Food bowls or dishes?  Special bowls for food and water can be purchased, but clean glass bowls or dishes are best.  Cleanliness is important so use something that can be thoroughly washed and rinsed every day.
  11. Where to sleep?  Many people let their cats and kittens sleep with them.  A special place at the food of the bed or on a soft blanket is nice.   There are many cat beds for sale in stores and online.  Do not be offended if your kitten does not want to sleep in a special bed.  He or she would probably prefer to be as close to his or her human as possible.    If you adopted two kittens, as we recommend, they will sleep together. And, finally, remember the wonders of the cardboard box!  A roomy box with the top carefully removed and a soft cloth or towel in the bottom may be just the thing.
  12. Adopt in pairs!  Kittens will endlessly play with each other and teach each other correct behavior as they learn.  Two kittens are easier for you (promise!!) and it is much better for them.
  13. Thank you!!  When you adopt a kitten, you save two lives; when you adopt two, you save four.  The reason is not only that the kitten(s) you adopt are off to a happy and healthy life in their new, forever home, but by adopting you have made room for Kittyland to accept new orphans and help them on their way.
  14. Finally, if you need help, call us.  760-251-2700.   We do not ever want our cats or kittens to be in distress or without good care.  There are always answers and assistance just a call away.