Adult Cats for Adoption

Kittens adopt out quickly, but the adult cats stay with us a bit longer. These beautiful animals often need a bit longer to get settled, the time allows us more of an opportunity to get to know them. We hope that you consider one of our adult cats.  Please send us an email if you have an interest in any of these wonderful cats,

Not able to adopt right now? Become a sponsor.

Become a Sponsor to one of our adults cats. Every dollar you donate as one of our cats sponsors goes towards their continued care, vet needs, food, litter and anything they need. When you sponsor a cat, we will send you updates on their progress towards finding their forever home. We would also love to have you visit Kittyland to become a professional "cat cuddler" to your sponsored cat. Select a cat below to become a sponsor today! 




This is Yoda ... furry and friendly and when you start to pet him, he turns over for belly rubs, something his foster dad taught him!  He is a lap cat on his terms.  A wonderful addition to the end of your bed. Yoda is available for adoption, please come out and meet him.

Sponsor Yoda



Handsome Ralphie!  Ralphie was hit by a car and fractured his pelvis so was on bed rest for six weeks.  He is only 1 year old and is the most loving cat you will want to meet!  At this time he is not adoptable as the vet says he was brought to us to late to fix the bone that healed sideways and she is not quite sure how he does his "business" as the bone is in the way but he seems to have no problems.  He will have to get older for further evaluation.

Sponsor Ralphie



Mercedes is 12 and came from an assisted living when her owner had to be moved into full care ... because of the lack of teeth due to stomatitis and tummy problems, she has to have special food and supplements and an injection every 6-8 weeks.  She is such a lap cat and follows her foster mommy everywhere and I do mean everywhere!  Because of her special needs, she will likely stay in long term foster care.

Sponsor Greyson



Billy has been with us for a long time and has his own special "apartment" as he doesn't play well with others.  He is partially blind but loves roaming the property until it's time for us to leave.  He would love to meet you when you come to visit! Billy is not available for adoption due to his challenges.

Sponsor Billy